9 Reasons HTML5 Is Better Than Flash

Sep 2017

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As the industry of web development evolves, more people are leaving Flash development and would rather choose HTML5 for some reasons. However, there are others who resist switching to HTML5 for the reason that they feel more comfortable with the use of Flash. For you to understand better, here are the reasons why HTML5 is better than Flash:

9 Reasons HTML5 Is Better Than Flash

1. Improved Interactions

With HTML5, you can make responsive websites, which connect with the viewers. For instance, in a dynamic website made in HTML5, you’re drawn into the site and be part of the story as this unfolds while you scroll.

2. Better Storage

HTML5 enables storage across different windows and has better security as well as keeps data even after you have closed the web browser. Local storage is also another tool of HTML5 that make web apps possible without 3rd party plugins. With storing data in the browser of the user, you may create the app features including caching data, storing user information, and loading the previous app state of the user.

3. Cross-Browser Support

It is frustrating to make a good website and have it not show up appropriately on particular browsers. Through HTML5, you don’t have to worry about this for the reason that modern browsers support HTML5.

4. Mobile Friendly

It is estimated that mobile use will continue to increase. If you don’t want to miss out conversions, each website must have strong mobile presence. HTML5 is the mobile-ready tool to develop websites and apps.

5. Accessibility

HTML5 makes creating accessible websites much easier for 2 reasons and these include ARIA and semantics. The new HTML headings enable screen readers to access content easily.

6. Audio And Video Support

Forget about the Flash Player and some 3rd party media players, make your audio and videos accessible with new HTML5 tags. Get your media play correctly.

7. Cleaner Code

If you’re passionate about elegant, simple, and easy to read code, HTML5 is the best choice for you. It enables you to write descriptive and clear code, semantic code that enables you to separate meaning easily from content and style.

8. Game Development

Yes, you read that right. With HTML5, you can develop games using its <canvas> tag. It offers a mobile friendly way to make interactive and fun games. If you have built games using Flash before, you will love using HTML5 when building your games.

9. It’s The Future

The main reason why you must use HTML5 now is that it is the future. Use it now so you do not get left behind. HTML5 isn’t going anywhere and more elements get adopted. Try the switch today and never be scared to explore more about HTML5 as it is much exciting as Flash.

You can study about HTML5 if you want to be familiar with it or you may just hire someone who is an expert on HTML5 for you to get the best results and take advantage of its offered benefits.

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