Augmented Reality Trends To Watch In 2020

May 2020

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The year 2019 was a trendsetting year for XR – Extended Reality, which is generally the combination of Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality. Many of the tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple have made serious commitments to support Augmented Reality for commercial purposes. Various advancements were shown in the field of Augmented Reality that was discussed in the technical events as Augmented World Expo And Consumer Electronics Show.

Augmented Realty Trends To Watch In 2020

#1 Working On Mobile AR Technology

The biggest tech giant Apple has already announced the launch of ARKit 3.0 and Google is also following the trend by introducing ARCore Software Development kits. This software has increased the standard of development tools and simplified the mobile AR app creation. In turn, this advancement has increased the number of users who actually prefer to use AR-enabled devices

#2 Augmented Reality Is Changing The Way Of Online Shopping

According to the studies and reports, it is analyzed that millions of users will use the AR enabled shopping approach by the year 2020. This would be considered as the hottest e-commerce trend. Moreover, the boom in the advancement of mobile devices will need the support of the Augmented Reality technology to make the system more robust. Not only developers but also customers will be comfortable using it and will make it a part of their daily experience.

Various surveys conducted by the tech giants claimed that almost 40% of the consumers will buy from the retailers who would provide them with Augmented Reality experience. But only 12 to 15% of retailers could put AR to use. But the best part is the rest of the 32% of the retailers have shown a thumbs up for deploying AR technology in the near future.

#3 Working Out Augmented Reality For Navigation

By the end of the year 2020, the AR technology will be used for indoor navigations. The customers could get the first experience of using Augmented Reality for easy navigation purposes.

Generally, people entirely depend on Google Maps, and Apple Maps for getting around outside. But when it comes to indoor navigation, Google and Apple maps don’t come handy.

 There will be heavy usage of ARKit and ARCore based applications for getting simplified indoor navigations at the airport, malls, hospitals, and office campuses. AR technology at airports will provide routes to terminals and different gates based on the passenger’s flight number. The beta version of the Augmented Reality is already launched by Google and the services would help in providing walking directions through Google Maps. These Google maps are AR compatible and will be easily used on Ios and Android devices.

#4 Application Of Augmented Reality For Enterprises – WebAR

Augmented Reality is also getting integrated into the web space with Chrome AR. This will be a highly anticipated product of the year 2020. Users will not be requiring any sort of specialized apps as they can simply log in to the AR-enabled websites for accessing different levels of functionality. Moreover, even Mozilla is looking forward to engaging with the WebAR and will integrate the AR solution to Firefox. However, the standards have yet to be established. Only then the implementation of AR in the web browser will take place. By the end of the year, 2020 WebAR may become available on virtually every up-to-date web browser in the world.


Throughout the year 2020, there will be various applications of Augmented Reality. AR has a very immersive nature which means that people can engage with the learning activities in interesting ways. Studies have stated that Augmented Reality will reach more than millions of people by the year 2020 with steady growth. Moreover, this bright future of AR will hugely impact the revenues of the tech giants as the practical potential of AR is quite enticing.

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