5 Reasons You Must Consider To Have Chat Bots On Your Website – The Smartinfosys Take

May 2020

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Many businessmen and marketers believe that having a website is enough to make an effective online presence. It is the best way to have an online shop, to keep business open round the clock. Well, this is a sheer illusion. What would happen if your website visitors check out the products and services and have a query? Do you think they would have enough time to email the query?

5 Reasons You Must Consider To Have Chat Bots On Your Website - The Smartinfosys Take

People are always looking for direct conversation with the helpdesk services, promptness in the services and satisfactory reply to the current concerns. People are likely to return to the website if they had a good experience. But is this possible when you are running the website single-handedly? It is also possible that you have provided a live chat feature on the website but without active human attendance, your efforts can go down the drain.

#1 Chatbots provide 24/7 support service:

With chatbots feature on your website, you can provide an immediate response to the various queries and concerns of your website visitor. Chatbots are intelligent enough to provide relevant and satisfactory answers on your behalf. The answers are provided in smart fashion by making use of the rich messenger interface. Moreover, the requirements of the business and marketing team are also taken into consideration.

It is found that making use of AI-powered Chatbot reduces the need for a call center or customer support center. You do not require to hire any additional staff to take care of basic and simple work.

#2 Integrating Chatbots Will Increase The In-flow Of Traffic To Your Website:

Generally, e-commerce websites experience huge traffic on the website during the holiday phase or when there is a sale on your website. Other business websites experience the incoming traffic during business-related events. During such events, you cannot just rely on the human staff to attend all the queries and resolve the concerns in an efficient manner. Even your live chat staff would not be able to help your customers by providing satisfactory communication. Here comes the role of chatbots. They are intelligent automated software that is capable of handling immense traffic without missing any visitor. The chatbots have potential enough to deliver qualified answers, generate user engagement and also focus on the conversion scale.

#3 Chatbots With Artificial Intelligence Are Not Just Live Messenger:

AI-powered chatbots are not just for introducing the products and services but they are much more purposeful. This amazing feature is integrated into websites to accomplish complex tasks.

Chatbots can provide the customer with a direct link to product pages based on the concerns and queries.

It provides comparative statistics, incentives on products and various deals associated with it.
Chatbots can help you with Google Maps for identifying locations if the customer prefers to pay a visit to the store.

Chatbots can also provide price and shipping calculations to make instant decisions for a particular product purchase.

#4 Make Your Business Stress-Free With Chatbots:

These days every customer gets a notification when there is a price drop in the items that are added in the wishlist, or in the cart. Sometimes customers get recommendations to buy similar products that would fulfill the requirements. All this is possible because of the AI-powered Chatbots. It is a stress-free way of running a business.

#5 Chatbots Biggest Contribution To Brand Recognition And Trust Building:

It is a very challenging task to convince a customer to complete the conversion cycle or make a particular purchase. In such situations, chatbots help in providing detailed information about the products, deals associated with it and other similar products. They impress the prospective buyer with all the briefing of the products which in turn persuades them to make the purchase.


Now, you might be having a clear idea as to why more and more people are looking forward to e-commerce websites that provide chatbot features to resolve human concerns and queries. Hence online businesses must focus on integrating customized chatbots to improve their brand recognition, driving traffic and retaining customers.

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