Comprehensive Analysis Of VPS And Dedicated Hosting

Jan 2017

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If you are not a rebel by nature, you will start hosting your website on a shared hosting plan in the beginning. As the business grows and the number of online visitors increases, you feel the need of a dedicated hosting plan. Probably it is the best time to upgrade your hosting plan and go for a dedicated hosting.

Comprehensive Analysis of VPS and Dedicated Hosting

It is always good to do a thorough analysis about the various hosting plans before you opt for a plan. Small business websites usually opt for a shared web hosting as it is economical as compared to VPS or dedicated hosting. Though this kind of hosting is useful for small business needs, it cannot cater to the needs once the business grows. The two most popular web hosting options that exist apart from shared hosting are VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting and Dedicated hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is an arrangement where a single server is partitioned as multiple servers. All the multiple servers can be rebooted independently. VPS hosting is a plan under which you get the benefits of the dedicated hosting at a cheaper rate. The users are allowed to share server space with other customers. Also known as “unmanaged” hosting, under VPS hosting users are allowed to monitor and administer their own servers along with their bandwidth caps.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

After knowing about the VPS hosting, it’s time to dig further and get to know some of its benefits. Some of the advantages of VPS hosting are given below:-

  • It provides complete control over the server, giving the user flexibility to customize it in any way.
  • Being in full control of your VPS account, you are free to add any software and applications for increasing your website’s performance and functionality.
  • There are various services available which can be choosed according to your business needs.
  • Installation of your own anti-virus and malware detection software is possible.

It is important to note that managing a virtual private server is not easy. You require technical skills, training, and experience to handle VPS hosting. Take the help of a professional if you do not have the technical expertise to manage VPS hosting.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Opting for a dedicated server hosting, gives you the opportunity to lease an entire server for your site without sharing it with anyone. Big corporate houses and large eCommerce providers go for dedicated hosting as they have to cater to a larger volume of web traffic. Since the cost involved is more than any other plan, the users want to opt for it only when they have consolidated their business.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Besides coming up with maximum reliability and minimum downtime, dedicated hosting comes with other benefits also. Some of the advantages of dedicated hosting are listed below:-

  • As being the user and having full control of your account, you are allowed to install heavy softwares as per your website’s needs.
  • It gives you a super fast load times for application-heavy pages also.
  • You get fully secured storage options for websites that stores client’s personal informations.
  • It provides much better performance rate when handling a high traffic influx.
  • It allows you to add more server and storage space without affecting current servers or causing downtime.

As said earlier, dedicated web hosting is an expensive option as compared to other hosting options. Similar to VPS hosting, it also requires technical skills and expertise to handle it properly.

Factors to be considered before choosing

Well, this is a question which can be best answered by only you. Two most important points that must be considered before opting for an option are costs and requirements. You must understand that both these solutions are costlier than shared hosting plans. Both these options comes with their set of pros and cons. Proper planning and understanding of the plan is essential before opting for a plan. Go for a web hosting service provider which offers you the best options at affordable rates and provides a 24*7*365 support team.

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