How Can You Secure Your Corporate Ecommerce Website?

Jun 2017

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A corporate e-commerce website is more sensitive than other types of websites. Because you store very important information such type of website which includes customer details, payment system, information about the bank and other financial information. This is why it is very important for you as an owner of the corporate ecommerce website to do all the efforts to secure your website from hackers. The ecommerce web design and development companies who offer services of Web designing and website development do offer you many solutions but still, you should play your own role to layer the security further.

How Can You Secure Your Corporate Ecommerce Website

We are sharing some important tips which will help you to secure your corporate ecommerce website. So, in case if you are taking help from website development company for the development of your corporate ecommerce website then make sure to incorporate the following elements in it.

Choosing secure web hosting company for your e-commerce website

Choosing a web hosting company is actually not the duty of web Development Company but yours. So, always go with the reputed and well-known web hosting company which provides SSL certification services too which will guarantee the security of the website. If you leave this option of selecting a web hosting company to the web design company then asked them to purchase SSL certification for your website on your behalf.

Choose a secure platform or software for your e-commerce website

There are many platforms available where you can design and develop ecommerce website. Each of them comes with their own benefits and drawback. Analyze all of them and select the one which suits with your business requirement in terms of security. If you are not aware of them then leave this to the web development company, as they will choose the better option for you on the basis of their experience.

Use very strong and difficult passwords to log in to admin section

Give extra attention on your corporate e-commerce website password. Do not set dates and names as your password but includes capital words, special character, and numbers to make your website password difficult and strong. For further security, do not share them with anyone including your friends and family.

Secure your e-commerce website login system with different layers

Ask e-commerce web design and development company to add multiple layers of security in your website login system. This could include CAPTCHA confirmation, mobile notification, and email notification etc. This will make it difficult for hackers to hack your website.

Use plugins to get alerted of suspicious activity for your website

The e-commerce software does uses some plugins which could help in the security of your website. Take advantage of them and use a plugin which will send you a notification in case of suspicious activity like login from unexpected location etc.

Make the back-up of all type of content on your website available

Web hosting companies does provide the services of back-up but do not rely on them completely and also keep the back-up of your website which continuously gets updated.

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