10 Important Responsive Web Design Principles From Experts

Jun 2017

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Today there are more mobile users than PC users. So, it is important to make your website design responsive. If you take help from a responsive website design company to design your website then make sure to take care of the following principles which have been suggested by the experts:

10 Important Responsive Web Design Principles From Experts

1. Make a responsive site not adaptive

Responsive website design and adaptive website design may seem same but there is a big difference between them. The adaptive site design takes time to load and it does not load as smoothly as responsive website design.

2. Use vector images instead of bitmaps

Many of the responsive website designers don’t know that to make your website completely responsive, you need to use vector images instead of bitmap images. You can auto resize any image with the help of CSS but the quality of the image does not remain same until it is a vector.

3. Webdonts are better than system fonts

System fonts are limited to the PC users only. So, don’t use them for your responsive website design because they do not work on different devices until the font has been supported by the operating system. Use web fonts as they are universal and work perfectly with all devices.

4. Don’t fix any item of your website

Responsive sites are usually seen on mobile devices. When you fix the header or any other part of the website, it makes the screen size smaller. So, in your responsive website design, do not make any item fix at all.

5. Know the difference between % and PX

It is true that some of the px do work on responsive designs but not all of them. When you are assigning height and width to a website element, make sure to use percentage instead of static units.

6. Make your website design light

Loading time play the most important part in responsive websites, because most of the users pay for suffering websites until they are using the free internet connection. So, make sure that your website design does not have extra elements, coding, fonts, and images.

7. Don’t give extra space between content

Adding extra white space gives a signal to the visitors that there is not much content available on the website. So, do not add any extra blank lines. If you are using ads, make sure that they are responsive too otherwise they will be replaced with blank space automatically.

8. Have a responsive navigation

Navigation of the website is an important part as it allows users to visit another part of the website. Making it responsive can double the time visitors stay on your website.

9. Responsive is not for mobile devices only

Responsive websites designs have not been made for mobile users only but also for other users who use pads, tablets, gaming consoles and other electronic gadgets. So, test your website design on all of them.

10. Have a flow in your website design

Do not use multiple fonts on a single page. This will decrease the interest of visitor to stay on your website while it will also increase the size of the website.

Get the services of responsive web development from responsive website design company to make your website responsive for all devices. The expert responsive website designer will make sure to add all of the above points when they design your website.

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