5 Basic Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Website

May 2017

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The time it takes your website to load influences how successful it will be. If your website is slow, visitors will turn away in droves. They might even click the back button before your website loads. Website performance will also influence your rankings in search engines. In addition to being ranked higher, many website owners report seeing an increase in search engine spider crawling after speeding up their design. Today, I would like to share with you thirteen quick tips on how you can optimize your website and decrease page loading times. If you follow these techniques and best practices, your website will load much quicker.

5 Basic Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Website

Use SEO optimized themes

SEO optimization themes are mostly simple in design but this simplicity of them can create a big difference by loading the website fast. There are hundreds of free SEO optimized themes for WordPress available for download and used for free. For using them you do not need to spend much time and money. If you have asked a company for WordPress website design and development then make sure to ask them to design an SEO friendly WordPress theme only to get maximum benefits from it.

Add SEO plugins and use them

An SEO plug-in will allow you to optimize each page and post of your WordPress website. There is a bunch of SEO plugins available for WordPress users. Many people usually add them but do not take benefit from them by using them effectively. So, do not only install SEO plug-in but also use it properly to generate traffic from search engine.

Use short permalinks

It is a good idea to add backlinks in the permalink of each new post of your website but adding an excess amount of words or making it spammy will lead to negative effects. So do not overload your post permalinks with a lot of keywords hoping to get good results from SEO. Keep the permalinks simple and only add up to 2 keywords in it. Also, if you are not using WordPress for blogging purpose then do not add date tag in permalinks as these tags are created for blog purpose only to keep the record on the basis of dates.

Caching plugin for speed

Having a lot of data in the cache of the website can create many problems. Your website loading time can be affected in a negative way, your website can crash and sometimes plugins stop working. So, cleaning cache is very important to optimize the speed and overall performance of a WordPress website. When you ask a WordPress website development company for the development of your website, then make sure to ask them to keep the cache of the website simple and integrate it with a plugin. The caching plugin keeps cleaning the cache of the website on regular basis. This does not only reduce the loading time of website but improve the overall performance of website as well. Many premium and free plugins are available for this purpose to be downloaded by users. Choose one which suits best with your need.

Remove useless stuff

You can use as many plugins as you want to for your WordPress website and do unlimited revisions of your posts. But doing both of them increases the size of WordPress cache due to which the loading time of website gets affected. Also, if you have made a lot of drafts do not remove spam (in comment) and pingbacks then you can face the same issue of slow speed. Keep website cache clean by removing all of these things. You can also use a plugin for this purpose and schedule the cache cleaning options. If you are doing it manually then remove all the useless stuff once in a month or if your website is big and you receive a lot of spam in comments and pingbacks then schedule the cleaning of cache weekly.

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