How To Make Every Page On Your Website More Engaging?

Jul 2016

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The webpages on your website are not meant to last forever but atleast they should be engaging enough to make your visitors spend time on site. Though web pages might have blogs and articles published on them but they lack the interest quotient. With time, these pages will join the billions of other pages on the internet which goes unread and unindexed. Now the most important question that arises is-what should be done to make your website’s pages more engaging?

How To Make Every Page On Your Website More Engaging?

Firstly, let us understand what is an engaging page? The engaging page is something which contains content which helps in gaining search traffic and readers even long since it was published. Some of the points that must be considered to make your web pages more engaging are listed below. These points should not be overlooked if you want to create web pages which remains evergreen even after years of publishing.

1. Consider Search Engine Algorithms

There should not be any misconception regarding the fact that the content on the page is not only for the readers but the search engines as well. The content on the pages should be such that it gets indexed by the search engines. Your pages should appear higher on the SERP to draw more traffic and customers. Publish content which is SEO-friendly and loved by both web crawlers and readers so that it create maximum impact.

2. Relevant To Different People

The content displayed on the web pages must be relevant to various people according to their need and requirement. Judging relevancy is a tough job because something which is relevant to an individual might not be important to the other. The visitor who has come to your site for informative, updated content will never return if he finds old data. Keep updating and re-writing your content for attracting more readers.

3. Not Everything Will Be Same

You will have to understand that not all content will create the same effect on the readers. While some of your articles will generate traffic for years, the others might generate none even in the beginning. The topic selected and the information inside the article/blog will decide its fate. Try not to include dates or years more often as this will make them obsolete with the change in the year. Write content which is specific and informative on a particular topic.

4. There’s More Than Just Articles

Never settle for just blog and articles, instead go for other forms of engagement also to attract maximum visitors. Include videos and infographics for making your content more interesting and meaningful. Gone are the days when only blog/articles were considered to be medium of information. Try out various combinations of visitor engagement which will give you the maximum results.

Creating engaging web pages is not an one time affair instead it is an ongoing process. You cannot expect your website to rank high always without putting in efforts continuously. You can get a high rank once but to sustain it, you will have to keep doing restructuring of your site.

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