Inbound or Outbound Marketing – Which Marketing Strategy is Profitable for Your Business?

Dec 2018

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Those running a business must have heard of both inbound and outbound marketing. These techniques are used in combination with other digital marketing strategies. To understand which would be best and the most profitable strategy for your business, you must dive into each of them.

Inbound or Outbound Marketing - Which Marketing Strategy is Profitable for Your Business

Inbound marketing is all about generating leads by creating content designed for the target market. The content helps the audience find their way to your website. It keeps them coming back for more. They eventually turn into your long-term customers. On the other hand, outbound marketing is all about being invasive and disruptive. It is also referred to as interruption marketing. It’s all about getting the message of a company across as many people as possible. Direct mail, cold calling, and advertising are included in outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

In the digital world, of course, inbound marketing is the winner. It is more effective in generating leads, winning new customers and closing deals. Today’s consumers want to do business with those companies that understand their needs or that could provide solutions to their problems. Since inbound marketing helps with all of that, it’s more successful.

The key difference between both types of marketing is communication. With outbound marketing, communication is one way only. You just shout out your brand message to people and that’s about it. People don’t have any medium to interact with the message.

When it comes to inbound marketing, people are able to engage with the brands. They could reach out to the brand via social media, leave a review, comment or even email the company. That’s all possible because of the internet. There is no way to hide behind the mass media campaign. You have to deliver what you promise and if you won’t, people will post about you online. For inbound marketing, honesty, transparency, and engagement are the key to success.

Which one’s best?

It’s pretty clear that inbound marketing is more profitable for your business. If you are going to promote your brand or business, you must master the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    It’s meant to make your website attractive to the top search engines. A higher website rank means more and more people are going to land on your site when they search for a specific product or service.

  • Social Media:

    You will have to create a social media presence for your business on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and more. You will be using these platforms for promoting your content and reaching out to people.

  • Content Creation:

    You must create content which your target audience will read to not just become familiar with your product or service but to persuade them to make a purchase.

There are lots of other strategies that you will have to master. But one thing is for sure, inbound marketing is a proven way of generating more leads and making a business grow. No doubt the way we are communicating in this digital world is changing. You can leverage those changes by using inbound marketing to promote your business.

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