5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

Jan 2019

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When you just newly set up your website by a web designing company, you might just go for a server with a shared web hosting plan so as to save cost. But as your website audience grows and your business expands, you will need to switch or upgrade to a dedicated web server so as to continue giving your audience a stellar browsing experience on your website.

5 Signs it's Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

This might not be available if you use a cheap web design company but I am certain you will have it if you can go for the best website development company in town.

I will be sharing with you five signs that indicate it is time to upgrade to a dedicated server.

  • Sign 1:

    When your website performance is slow

    As soon as you discover that the performance of your website is slipping in which your users are always getting server error page whenever they are on your website. They have to wait sometimes for a very long time for the site to come up or load. When all these are happening, the best thing to do is to switch to a dedicated server.

  • Sign 2:

    When there is need to have a website with a professional look

    To have a catchy website with a professional look, you need a dedicated server hosting. This is essential because there are what your potential customers will look at before having business with you. And it might still shock you that some affordable custom web design comes with these features so you can just go for to make your business grow faster as users experience on shared hosting server is not same with that of a dedicated server.

  • Sign 3:

    When your website traffic is increasing gradually

    As soon as you discover that the traffic coming to your website is increasing, there is a high tendency that some issues will be coming up if you are on a shared server since the available space will not be enough to accommodate this huge traffic. Your website can start bringing up different errors. In order to avoid all these potential issues, and continue to offer the best performance to your website audience, you need to upgrade to a dedicated server.

  • Sign 4:

    When your website speed is very slow

    In order to stand toe with toe with your competitors in terms of website functionality, your website needs to be very fast. Your visitors can easily leave your site for those of your competitors if it does not load within the shortest possible time. To have a website that loads quickly, you need to run it on a dedicated server.

  • Sign 5:

    When you want to improve your website security

    Some of the problems you can encounter easily on a shared server are hacking. Some information on your website can easily be hacked with a shared server hosting plan. In order to make your website more secure, you need to upgrade it to a dedicated server.

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