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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

Jan 2019

Posted by: Category:Managed Web Hosting

When you just newly set up your website by a web designing company, you might just go for a server with a shared web hosting plan so as to save cost. But as your website audience grows and your business expands, you will need to switch or upgrade to a dedicated web server so as to continue giving your audience a stellar browsing experience on your website.

5 Signs it's Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server

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Web Hosting Options And How They Can Affect Your Online Business

Jan 2018

Posted by: Category:Managed Web Hosting

Hosting a website plays a great part on how your visitors experience your website and can make or break your online marketing and overall online perception of your company. A wrong hosting decision can destroy your online aspirations and could definitely ruin your online reputation.

Choosing a wrong hosting option could lead to negative effect on your SEO ranking, security and malware attacks and eventually loss of revenue. It is crucial to choose a hosting option to ensure your website remains safe and you are able to access features in accordance to your website.

Web Hosting Options and How they Can Affect Your Online Business

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How To Protect Your Business From A Bad Web Hosting Company?

Jul 2016

Posted by: Category:Managed Web Hosting

Choosing the wrong web hosting company can not only decrease your profits but it can bring down your business’s reputation as well. Your decision can either help your business to grow or it can ruin its growth potential. Keeping your site up and running 24*7 will ensure that your visitors can access it anytime. If you are struggling with frequent downtime, it’s time to change your web host. Making yourself available all the time will bring more visitors and profits to your business.

How to Protect Your Business from a Bad Web Hosting Company?

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