Little Known Ways To Make Your Website Load Faster

Jun 2017

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There is nothing more frustrating than a website that takes a gazillion years to load. As every second counts in this fast paced world, it has become more imperative than ever to check with your website designing company that your site loads faster.

Little Known Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster

Aside from the usual incorporation of the proper SEO and website optimization into your website design, the best website developer will also see to it that your website speed is at par with the needs and demands of potential visitors. When it comes to proper website development, a reliable website maintenance company knows some of the secret but proven effective ways to make your site load faster than ever.

Go for a Caching Plugin

This particular method can be considered as one of the most important ways you can try. This is found to be most effective for the WordPress-based websites. Since WordPress is something based on the PHP language, the moment the site loads up, there are lots of PHP calls being executed. The plugin will cache your page then store it as HTML files. You can choose from different cache plugins available in the market today which can give a remarkable boost to your website’s loading speed.

Use a CDN Service

Content Delivery Network or CDN is a type of service which can improve the loading time of your site through reducing the server load as well as offloading static resources such as image, theme, JS content, CSS, and others.

Stick to a Clear Website Design

The use of a clear template can decrease the loading time of your website on other devices. This will also reduce the loading time of your website on regular PCs. When your site can load faster in the portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, your website will see a remarkable boost in its traffic, thus making your site more popular along the way.

Stay Away from a Dense Footer and Sidebar

Most blogs use the footer and sidebar for showcasing various widgets. These widgets can slow down the loading speed of the website through consuming a heavier user load. In order to avoid it, many blogs today go for a minimalistic design for increasing its loading speed.

You can remove any unwanted widget from the sidebar and footer to reduce the loading time of the site. To increase the loading speed of the site even more, you can also try getting rid of the individual post widgets. The social sharing buttons found on the home page and next to a post can delay the loading speed of a site up to a great extent. You can remove these buttons to speed up the performance of your site.

Turn Off Commenting

It is something that most blog owners will want to avoid, since commenting depicts a site’s popularity. This is why usually blog owners don’t follow this method. However, turning off commenting can make your site load much faster. You also have to avoid the use of external commenting systems. These systems make use of large files and scripts which can increase your loading time. It is completely upto you whether you want to try this method or not.

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