Managed V/S Unmanaged Web Hosting Service: What, Which & Why?

Mar 2014

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For those who are looking for hosting services, sometimes it generates a little confusion to have options between managed and unmanaged web hosting services. However, it is not so hard to distinguish between managed and unmanaged hosting service, a quick peek into basics of both will help you decide what matters and what doesn’t. Through this post, we have tried to answer your all queries related to managed versus unmanaged web hosting. Please read carefully to learn what’s the right choice among these two for your needs.

Unmanaged web hosting services:

Unmanaged hosting services are for those who know themselves how to handle server operations, security issues, control panel configuration and software performance. in unmanaged web hosting, you lease the web server from web hosting company & they will charge you a monthly fee for providing server resources which are kept at their data centers.

In unmanaged hosting, You are given all root access to the web server by the hosting company. Thus managing server resources, handling the downtime and ensuring the security etc are all your responsibilities when you buy unmanaged web hosting services. The service provider i.e. the hosting company will be responsible only for network and hardware related issues.


Features of unmanaged web hosting service:


As you don’t have to pay the hosting provider for managing the servers, unmanaged web hosting costs you much less than managed hosting.


Unmanaged hosting allows you to get full control over server and its resources including storage memory, bandwidth etc. You can also install your own required software and programs in your server.


Managed web hosting services:

In Managed web hosting service, the web hosting company will manage everything on your behalf. When you buy the managed hosting service, experienced webmasters at hosting facility will be monitoring your website on regular basis, so you don’t have to worry about server down-time, security problems, software errors and other technical issues.

However, managed hosting services cost you more than unmanaged hosting services, there are plenty of benefits of it which you can’t ignore especially when your website is medium to large sized.

Features of managed web hosting service:


With their experience and technical proficiency, webmasters of your hosting company are able to handle your security issues efficiently including spam protection, Firewall protection etc. This removes a great deal of security concerns from your website.


In managed hosting service, experienced database administrators will design your database, scaling and adjusting them technically as per your website’s needs. It will improve the performance of your website.


In managed hosting services, the hosting providers back up the data on day to day or weekly bases. This is critical need for websites with lots of data as natural calamities, human errors and other complications may create total loss of data.


While in unmanaged hosting service, you may need to occupy a webmaster to monitor your server, in managed hosting, the service provider does it all which enables you to save some money in terms of human resources and also as they are monitoring it 24×7, your site will have too less problems compared to unmanaged hosting.


The Verdict: What should you choose, managed or unmanaged?

While there are unique benefits of managed and unmanaged hosting on their own, ultimately the choice of your web hosting service boils down to your business needs.

If you are interested in managing everything on yourself or thinking of occupying your own webmaster for managing your servers, unmanaged hosting can be beneficial for you. There are no major benefits except cost and customization in case of unmanaged hosting.

On the other hand, however, managed hosting costs you much more than unmanaged hosting, it saves a lot of your time, gives you freedom to have professional assistance on your needs and allows you to be free from worries of security, data loss, manual monitoring and unmanaged down times.

So the verdict is, choose unmanaged hosting if the budget is your preference and choose the managed hosting if the performance is your preference. Especially, if you are running a website for business and promotion, better to choose the managed hosting service.

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