Mobile Visitors- Their Expectations And How They Can Be Fulfilled!

Nov 2017

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Visits from mobile devices is growing and in a short span of time they will surpass visits from traditional desktop computers. When the trend of mobile website visitors was starting it was not expected that the response rate will be this higher, only with the advent of latest technology and new models of smart phones with power of internet, this benchmark has been achieved. This makes companies work harder than before to develop responsive websites supporting multi device landscape if they wish to succeed. To achieve the desired success companies, need to research about mobile visitor’s expectations so that the same could be satisfied.

Mobile Visitors- Their Expectations And How They Can Be Fulfilled!

Easy Access To All Content-in the early days a shave down subset of a site’s content and functionality was offered to mobile visitors and for the full version they had to visit the official website only. This proved to be a fail strategy as mobile visitor may not waste their time behind different links. They want access to all the content on the mobile version of the website, so as to, enjoy ease of access anywhere at any time from their handy mobile devices. Foe eg: if they are standing in a queue and want to kill time, if they are relaxing on a lounge and want to browse data they want to. Doing otherwise will give them a frustrating experience. Proper planning of content is required in terms of:

  • Presentation of content for different devices.

  • They key break points in content.

  • Do not eliminate any important content or functionality or keep the same for desktop view only.

Quick Download Speeds- there is a normal expectation that the download speed on a mobile will be faster as compared to traditional desktops. But the reality is total opposite. Mobile sites load about 1.5X slower than when they are accessed from a desktop. This becomes the major issue of expectations and reality being out of sync. Companies need to perspire a lot to optimize the websites built for better download speed. Higher customer expectations and lower patience levels pose great problems. The sites should be tested regularly to ensure that they load quickly and meet client demands for performance.

Ease Of Use- a website should be user friendly, easy to navigate. With the very first visit of the customer he should be able to gauge the target audience for whom the website is made, the USP of the website, what the customer needs to do next etc. the calls for action key, the chat boxes with executives available shall all be readily available so that visitors could find the correct path for their queries, help need or suggestions they want to give.

Remarkable User Experience- an effective user experience will not only make the users of your website enjoy more but it will also help your site and business to stand apart from the crowd of other websites. Companies should design their websites in a way, that no matter which ever device is used to access it, the user’s experience should be enjoyable, fun filled and rewarding.

When a company knows the expectations of mobile users it becomes easy for them to design the websites according to customer preferences. Because mobile sites are a new landscape for most marketers, designing and building them is a challenging task in itself. However, mobile sites also bring an awesome opportunity to showcase your brand and your creativity only if the site is designed wisely.

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