How To Setup & Run A Successful WordPress Blog?

Category:Search Engine Optimization


A WordPress blog with thousands of daily visits, lots of high quality backlinks and a large audience reach with good search engine rankings; Isn’t it what you really want?

Running a blog increases your website visits by more than 97% & we are doing it here at with our new on-site wordpress blog. Within just 14 days of our very first blogpost, we are getting hundreds of daily visitors, dozens of comments & citations and several first page rankings, which altogether has brought us 2385 visits in 14 days without any promotion campaign.

Isn’t it quite interesting if you could also know what it takes to run a successful WordPress blog particular to your business? If you know these little secrets, you can also get regular flow of qualified visitors at your own WordPress blog, which, in turn, you can convert to buyers of your product/service.

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15 Assured Link Building Ideas For 2014

Category:Internet Marketing


Gone are the times when you could simply submit to hundreds of websites, spam the anchor texts with keywords and build amazing backlinks that put you to the top of search engines. Search engines have grown intelligent and picky, so no creepy link building strategies are going to work anymore.

But still, it is the fact on the other hand that backlinks matters a lot. Apart from content itself, social sharing, bounce rate, unique vists & external websites linking to your website are the core factors that affect your rankings. So link building is still the URP (Unique Ranking Proposition) in terms of SEO. With our years of experience, we have very well figured out what works and what not for SEO link building. So here are 15 of the most effective link building ideas we will be using for our clients in 2014 and you can too.

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28 Types Of Designs To Promote Your Business [Infographic]

Category:Graphic Design


Promoting a business can be much efficient and easy with professional business designs. Making sure you use all of them for doing it can also assure you that you get maximum promotion out of your branding efforts. Here are 28 essential business design elements you should be using.

28 Types Of Designs To Promote Your Business

28 Business Design Elements

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9 Tips For More Salable & Intriguing Landing Page Design

Category:Internet Marketing


Marketing online is challenging. You have to be interesting and intriguing enough to outperform your competitors. Especially, in case of landing page for your business, it is un-affordable to miss even a single conversion. But are you sure that landing page for your product/service is truly as optimized as that of your competitor? because conversion is quite harder than building leads.

However, few cleverly made landing page tweaks to make it more intriguing can get your business boat through the sea of competition. Here are 9 surefire landing page tweaks that can maximize possibility of conversion by providing an intriguing user experience:

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How To Find Professional Web Development Company

Category:Mobile Web Development

Before you buy web development or web design services, you must assure to yourself that the service you are going to choose is not a scam at all. This is as vital as digging the soil before constructing a building upon it.

Similar to other industries, web design and development industry is also filled with scam companies which over-promise and under-deliver. There are many companies out there which have good search engine rankings but poor customer satisfaction record, resulting overall into web development scams. A simple insight into reputation of web development company you are going to work with can save you from wasting weeks of your time and hundreds of Dollars from your hard-earned money.

So what are the things to checkout for choosing a professional web design and development company for your business or personal needs? Here it is:

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