How To Generate Enormous Content Ideas

Category:Internet Marketing


Writing successfully is not as easy as it seems at first sight. If you are a professional writer, you might have had got stuck into “Writer’s block” probably many times. And it gets even worse when you aren’t able to find a good topic to write upon.

There are times when you have best-in-industry skills, excellent knowledge and all required tools but you are lacking of a viral content idea and you are just hanged up due to that.

So sometimes, all it takes to write a successful post is to have a brilliant content idea, because you have traveled almost half road to successful post once you have a viral idea for content. Thus all you have to figure out is how to generate the viral content idea that ensures great engagability of the people and enormous social sharing by them.

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What Is XML Sitemap? How To Create & Submit It

Category:Search Engine Optimization

What is Sitemap.xml?

Sitemap.xml is an XML file that lists URLs of a website. XML Sitemaps help search engine bots to crawl over your site easily.

As, sitemap happens to be an XML file, we need to follow XML schema for Sitemap protocol.

Here is a simple example of XML sitemap:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <urlset xmlns="">
    <!-- Encapsulates the file and its type: mobile, video,etc-->

        <!--Parent tag for each URL entry-->

            <!-- URL of the page.-->

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14 Reasons Why HTML5 Is Irresistible

Category:Mobile SEO


If you are quite aware about importance of Mobile web, you probably well-know about HTML5 too. HTML5 is one of the most promising open source framework for developing mobile websites and web applications. Over the previous version of HTML, HTML5 has introduced 28 new elements & many others will be added to its library in future. The list is supposed to grow till 2022 when they expect to complete it finally! All in all, HTML5 stands a great chance for proving as a future-proof web development framework.

Applications built with HTML5 works seamlessly across various devices and browsers. When used together with CSS3 and Javascript, you can develop highly comprehensive and robust applications that look good and work even better.

Taking all these into account, here are some proven benefits of HTML that makes it literally “rocking” for future-proof mobile web development:

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Fundamental Types Of Web Hosting Services

Category:Managed Web Hosting

Fundamental Types Of Web Hosting Services

Whether you are buying a new domain or starting a new website, you will have to also choose your web hosting service first for getting it online. Though you can also launch your website online by building your own servers and hosting it on them, you should prefer to buy hosting services from a professional hosting service provider due to several reasons including…

  • High expenditure for buying sophisticated server hardware
  • Need of establishing a data center
  • Manual administration overhead
  • Need of 24×7 high speed internet connectivity
  • Need of separate web server Operating System &
  • Need of skilled experts for system maintenance

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7 Things To Know Before Mobile Optimizing Your Site

Category:Search Engine Optimization


If you don’t have stepped up towards mobile SEO, perhaps it’s not too late yet. Seeing the radical increase in number of mobile shoppers over last 5 years, it is quite easy to say that mobile shopping is on fire. Mobile is the future marketplace and supposed to grow even faster in upcoming years, thanks to smartphone evolution.

If you have been ignoring mobile web, it’s surely the right time to revamp your online strategies and include smartphones and mobile devices in it. Here are few most important points you should consider for better future of your online business through a mobile optimized website.

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