9 Tips For More Salable & Intriguing Landing Page Design

Category:Internet Marketing


Marketing online is challenging. You have to be interesting and intriguing enough to outperform your competitors. Especially, in case of landing page for your business, it is un-affordable to miss even a single conversion. But are you sure that landing page for your product/service is truly as optimized as that of your competitor? because conversion is quite harder than building leads.

However, few cleverly made landing page tweaks to make it more intriguing can get your business boat through the sea of competition. Here are 9 surefire landing page tweaks that can maximize possibility of conversion by providing an intriguing user experience:

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How To Find Professional Web Development Company

Category:Mobile Web Development

Before you buy web development or web design services, you must assure to yourself that the service you are going to choose is not a scam at all. This is as vital as digging the soil before constructing a building upon it.

Similar to other industries, web design and development industry is also filled with scam companies which over-promise and under-deliver. There are many companies out there which have good search engine rankings but poor customer satisfaction record, resulting overall into web development scams. A simple insight into reputation of web development company you are going to work with can save you from wasting weeks of your time and hundreds of Dollars from your hard-earned money.

So what are the things to checkout for choosing a professional web design and development company for your business or personal needs? Here it is:

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Things To Know Before You Buy A Custom Business Card Design

Category:Graphic Design


Buying a custom business card design is apparently not too difficult task but still it could be much more easier and beneficial if you knew the metrics to checkout before you actually do it.

What Makes A Stationery Design Look Really Professional

Business card design for winning identity | source: http://www.yourdesignpick.com

Here are 4 essential things you should consider while buying a custom business card design:
1. Shape of Your Desired Business Card
2. Print material
3. Business Card Size &
4. Design format

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How To Get First 100 Visitors With Your Latest Content

Category:Search Engine Optimization


Completion of a great new piece of content makes you feel so good. Doesn’t it? It makes you feel like a celebrity. But getting your “star post” falling on its head with merely dozens of visitors is too much disappointing at the same time, especially for a well-expected post. However, it doesn’t have to be the same ever again.

Here are few best tips to get your first 100 visitors on launching a new piece of content. By following this tips carefully, your brilliant content will never strive for visitors again, and if it is good enough, it will also give your website continuous flow of committed visitors for long term. So here we go:

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How To Generate Enormous Content Ideas

Category:Internet Marketing


Writing successfully is not as easy as it seems at first sight. If you are a professional writer, you might have had got stuck into “Writer’s block” probably many times. And it gets even worse when you aren’t able to find a good topic to write upon.

There are times when you have best-in-industry skills, excellent knowledge and all required tools but you are lacking of a viral content idea and you are just hanged up due to that.

So sometimes, all it takes to write a successful post is to have a brilliant content idea, because you have traveled almost half road to successful post once you have a viral idea for content. Thus all you have to figure out is how to generate the viral content idea that ensures great engagability of the people and enormous social sharing by them.

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