Website Quality Guidelines For SEO In 2014

Category:Internet Marketing


After three rapid algorithm updates by Google and inflated semantic relevancy of search results, you can finally expect that SEO is moving towards quality based search engine rankings. Google has been clearly signalling that quality based SEO is future.

If you are running a web site and wish to have a quick idea of which are few key SEO aspects to optimize any website for search engines as well as users, here are few most vital, easy and effective SEO practices we have been implementing till the date. These techniques work well for search engine rankings and will surely work as well in 2014 and beyond it.

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What Is SSD VPS Hosting & How It Works

Category:Managed Web Hosting


VPS (Virtual private server) hosting offers you a virtually separate portion of memory into server storage and super-user level control of system so you can control your own piece of OS and install & manage softwares in that as per your specific needs which makes it ideal for users in need of exclusive hardware space along with cost effective hosting.

However, due to use of hard disk drives and shared hardware, sometimes VPS servers tend to get slower (especially when other users on the same server are making heavy use of resources).

For websites with needs of consistently faster input/output processing and dynamic storage requirements (i.e. Continuously changing content) SSD VPS hosting is a preferred option without adding much of price to VPS hosting service.

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What Makes A Stationery Design Look Really Professional

Category:Graphic Design


Stationery design is a great tool to express your brand values and create the brand identity. If you have been ignoring the design of your company stationary for any reason, it’s never late to revamp your corporate identity.

Typically, stationery design includes CDs, business cards, envelopes, newsletter & much more depending upon your business and these elements are much more than mere pieces of paper. Though it is not related with your business revenue, it can have a big punch on your company’s reputation.

Every company, in order to look professional, must have these 6 essential elements crafted carefully in their stationery designs…

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Smartinfosys.Net Launches Its New Website

Category:Web Design & Development

I am pleased to announce the launching of new website of my company and would like to take this opportunity to express deep gratitude to all stakeholders who have supported the company all the times. It has been their valuable support that today has become a leading name in website design and development industry. The new “Smart Site” has been developed keeping in view modern web standards and user-friendliness. The new website is an attempt to showcase our capabilities in an emphatic fashion and to create a strong communication platform to disseminate