28 Types Of Designs To Promote Your Business [Infographic]

Feb 2014

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Promoting a business can be much efficient and easy with professional business designs. Making sure you use all of them for doing it can also assure you that you get maximum promotion out of your branding efforts. Here are 28 essential business design elements you should be using.

28 Types Of Designs To Promote Your Business

28 Business Design Elements

Business Card Design:
Business card is handy brand promotion tool, you can use your business card to promote your company’s vision, address and contact details.

Stationery Design:
Good Stationery Design creates a professional outlook of your business. Use your logo, address, and tagline in stationery design to promote your company.

Logo Design:
A smartly designed logo can convey your motto & business values & promote your company almost everywhere.

Flyer Design:
Flyers can directly promote your business but make sure it also has good design to make it more appealing.

Envelope Design:
Using an attractive envelope for corresponding  with your customers creates a good impression of your business on their minds.

Presentation Folder Design:
Be it small scale promotions or large business meetings, good presentation folder designs will be quite impressive as a mark of your branding perfection.

Powerpoint template Design:
Visual presentation can be greatly impressive if you have good Powerpoint template to present to your prospects.

Book/Magazine Cover Design:
Attractive cover design for your company’s book cover or journals is often necessary to make users read it.

Post card design:
Have great post card designs to communicate with your remote customers, it will make them feel valuable.

Poster design:
Eye catching posters are amazing to grab attention. Use your design sense to make your posters highly appealing to customers.

Brochure design:
For promoting your new product or service, a compelling brochure design can also be great tool.

T shirt design:
Custom designed T-shirts are great for promoting your brand in a mobile way. People will wear your t-shirts and passively promote your brand without efforts.

Letterhead design:
Letterhead are heading areas of your stationery and business letters. Make any business letter of your company more attractive with good letterhead designs.

CD cover design:
Do not forget CD and digital media as brand promotion tools. Get your CDs printed with custom designs.

Label/Sticker design:
Get your company’s label/stickers used for various purposes custom designed, though small, it can promote your company quite well.

Trade-show display design:
Having amazing trade-show design can help you stand out among hundreds of other companies of your niche striving for getting more customers at industrial expos.

Signage design:
Signage are direct publicity tools, so you will also need good signage design for effective branding & promotion.

Newspaper Ad design:
Newspaper Ads are read by wide span of audience, so your newspaper ads should also be professionally design for a good brand image.

Greeting card design:
Greeting with beautiful imagery and graphics is also a good way to tell customers that you care for them.

Packaging design:
Sometimes good packaging design can be the biggest way to promote your product. Leverage your packaging design to increase sales of product.

Vehicle wrap design:
Attractive and informative vehicle wraps can be high ROI advertising tools as you have to pay once and it will keep promoting your business across streets and towns.

Door hanger design:
High profile business corporations do not miss even door hangers. Your customers and business mates will also like saying “do not disturb” elegantly.

Web page design:
Online marketing depends a lot on your webpage. Professional web developers and designers can make sure that your webpage makes the most of your promotion efforts.

Blog design:
Running a blog is quite important strategy for increasing interactivity of your customers with your business. So keep your blog well designed as a part of your professional approach.

Newsletter design:
Both online and offline newsletters should be well designed for good business promotion.

Youtube page design:
While entertaining your customers with your Youtube channel, you can also promote your brand with good Youtube page design.

Twitter page design:
Twitter is widely famous platform to get latest tweets by industry experts. Get a professionally designed Twitter page if you want your business to look truly professional.

Facebook page design:
Facebook is world’s second largest website by user population. Getting a professional Facebook cover and profile pick can make your business noticeable among thousands of users.


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