Pros And Cons Of A Single Page Website

Apr 2017

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The trend of single page websites is increasing. Especially if you want to sell a product or service then you would ask from a website designer to design a single page website for you because chances of getting sales through single page websites are always high. But there are some drawbacks of single page websites too which you should discuss with website designing company in advance to overcome them before you asked them to design a website for your company

Pros and Cons of a Single Page Website

Pros of Single Page Website

Increase user engagement: The main purpose behind creating the single page website is to increase the user engagement. Single page websites are usually created to sell products and services. Instead of visiting the second or third page of the website, the visitor stays on the main page which increases chances to purchase products as the user do not need to visit several pages to get information about product and services.

Users like a single page website: A web page which offers the maximum information at one place is always the priority of the visitors. No one likes to visit several pages to read the content. The single page websites have been proven good in terms to increase the time of the user to stay on the website.

Single page websites are cheap: As compared to another type of websites the Single page websites are relatively easy to design because less work is required due to which the website designing company cost less for single page websites.

Perfect for all devices: It is easy to optimize a single page website. You do not need to create multiple version of the same website for different type of devices. The website designers make the single page website responsive easily to fit with all devices. Due to websites like Facebook and Twitter where there is infinite scroll exist, users like to visit single page websites.

Single page website speaks better: You can convey your message to the visitor in a much easy way through single page website. Instead of engaging visitors to surf other pages for further information you can provide everything to them on Single page.

Cons of Single Page Website:

Not very good for SEO: Google like a website which provides detailed content on the single page but if you make it very lengthy then it could bring a negative effect on your website and is also considered spammed. Also, it is difficult to make single page website search engine optimized as you need to put keywords wisely.

Loading time increase: The loading time of a website is very important to keep it ranked on the search engine. Single page websites are heavy and takes more time to load which can effect on-page SEO of the website. Visitors also do not like websites which take longer time to load and leave without even seeing it.

Single page websites are difficult to analyze: It is true that single page website increases the user engagement but it’s difficult to analyze that which part of the website is being the reason behind the increase in the user engagement. If you are selling something then you cannot analyze the area which is bringing sales for the company.

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