Essential Trends Which Social Media Managers Must Prepare In 2017

Apr 2017

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An internet marketing company is expert in all type of internet marketing techniques which includes SEO marketing and search engine marketing. This is why instead of selling services as internet marketing they sell services as SEO services as people are more aware of them. But due to the popularity of social media, the value of internet marketing in social media is increasing rapidly.

Essential Trends Which Social Media Managers Must Prepare in 2017

Each year we see different types of trends in internet marketing. Especially if we talk about social media, then trends are being changed, followed and dismissed fast because of the people being more responsive. Like other years, in 2017 we will see so many new trends about which social media manager should prepare in advance to deal with

Get ready for more live videos in 2017

Facebook was the one who has introduced the concept of live videos which hit the market very well. Many other social media networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope has also launched their version of live streaming. Live streaming trend is going to be a bigger hit in 2017. The social media manager just prepares to use this feature of live streaming for marketing purpose. Many companies are already using live streaming to interact with their audience directly perform live shows; get their reviews and much more. The live streaming feature has actually removed the gap between company and customer. Due to its importance, even many TV channels all around the world start streaming their shows live. You can get benefits from it in two ways. You can sponsor a live show on other’s channels or simply run your own live streaming for brand awareness.

Mobile advertising as competitive advantage

Mobile advertising is not new anymore but with each passing year we see a lot of progress in mobile advertising industry. Facebook has started offering mobile ads in the year 2016 to 3rd party websites who visit through their network. Same as Facebook, Google is also introducing more ad sizes for the mobile audience. This shows the importance of mobile advertising. The social media managers must get a deep understanding of it because in 2017 we may see further progress in mobile advertising as more and more users are moving to mobile devices from their PC and laptops.

Snapchat and Instagram stories will rock in 2017

The concept of branding which has been introduced by Snapchat has been already adopted by Instagram and Whatsapp but no one has yet used it for marketing purpose only. This may be due to testing purpose. The companies are still trying to analyze the response from the users. In 2017 you will see more stories from companies on their Snapchat, Whatsapp and Instagram accounts. A social media manager should know how to achieve the maximum benefits from it to the business.

Virtual reality will boost further in 2017 for marketing purpose.

The year 2016 was the year of virtual reality but this technology has not been used properly in online marketing yet. In 2017 we should be prepared to see more and more videos, applications and games in the virtual reality format. The business will use them for their brand promotion on social media networks. We may even see the live streaming on Facebook and YouTube will be in virtual reality format etc.

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