Shopify page builders: An analysis of the top 5 page builders

Nov 2022

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Shopify page builders allow many eCommerce stores to create personalized websites simply and easily. With a Shopify builder, you can build a website that meets your business needs without writing code.

Top 5 Shopify page builders

What is a Shopify Page Builder?

With little prior experience, business owners may simply establish a distinctive eCommerce website using the online platform Shopify. Although this platform has many advantages, not all of its templates can be altered. However, using a Shopify page builder gives you greater power, control, and customization that let you customize your store.

A Shopify page builder, in its most basic form, is an application that enables business owners to alter and create new pages for their online store. The program has a wide range of capabilities that let you design a layout that meets your demands.

With a Shopify page builder, you can also easily integrate images, customize headings, and include lists, buttons, and many other features with just a few clicks. These make Shopify page builders an important eCommerce tool and accessory for Shopify stores.

Analysis of the Top 5 Shopify Page Builders

There are different options to select from when looking for a Shopify page builder. To a certain extent, the best Shopify editor for you depends on your preferences and personal needs. Nevertheless, you still need to consider some important features to ensure that the page builder you choose is compatible with other apps.

Below are the top 5 Shopify page builders you can consider:

1. PageFly


PageFly is a user-friendly Shopify page builder that allows you to create an advanced landing page, FAQ pages, and product pages with simple drag-and-drop features. With PageFly, you can give your Shopify store a professional look because of the versatility of the features.
Incredibly popular, PageFly is easy to navigate, highly intuitive, and features more than 100 premade templates.

Top Features

  • 4.9 star Shopify rating
  • Optimize all available pages of your store
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop feature
  • Unlimited access to elements including order tracking, FOMO effects, and many more
  • Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. GemPages


GemPages is another Shopify page builder that empowers store owners to improve their stores the way they like. There are many themes available on the app, and their effectiveness allows users to create unique landing pages.

The friendly and clean editor is another outstanding feature of the GemPages Shopify page builder. Allowing product images to be perfectly displayed on different devices, this app also gives users a drop-shipping tool.

Top Features

  • Marketing toolkits such as social buttons, pop-ups, SEO, et cetera.
  • Seamless and fluent drag-and-drop feature
  • Conversion boosters such as smooth CTAs, checkouts, reminders, social proofs, cross-sells and up-sells, and so on
  • Unlimited pages and different pricing plans

3. Shogun

An additional drag-and-drop Shogun, a page builder from Shopify, is made to attract more customers to your store, boost conversion rates, and keep them there. You can create new pages with Shogun and edit existing ones.

Sales funnels, about us pages, blog entries, product pages, and mobile-first homepages can all be made with this Shopify page builder. These things are possible thanks to the availability of more than 24 tools and components for monitoring performance and doing A/B tests.

Top Features

  • 4.7-star Shopify rating
  • Conversion-boosting features such as add to cart, buy now, sale countdown timers, and more
  • Media displays and customizes page layout.
  • More than 30 templates are specifically for mobile designs.
  • It is good for both beginners and experienced developers.

4. LayoutHub

LayoutHub is another top Shopify page builder that features block templates that allow you to create pages the way you want. With pre-made templates and an intuitive interface, this app is perfect for beginners.

Also, you can use the blocks to control the structure and layout of every page in your Shopify store. If you want, you can skip the process and make use of any of the pre-built templates on offer.

Top Features

  • 4.9-star Shopify rating
  • Suitable for all devices and compatible with every theme on Shopify
  • Extensive library
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Intuitive

5. Hypervisual

Another excellent Shopify page builder is Hypervisual, which enables you to create beautiful items and landing pages. This can all be done with a few mouse clicks. Using the program, you can showcase your product’s important characteristics with huge graphics and insert videos however you choose.

The size of the photographs won’t matter because you can enlarge or reduce them and they will still fit in the space.

Top Features

  • 4.9-star Shopify rating
  • Images and video
  • Add to cart
  • Customize the landing page
  • Snippets of subheadings and text are scannable.

Things to Look for in a Shopify Page Builder

The features that the Shopify page features offer are different from each other. For this reason, your choice should invariably be the best one that improves your store and meets certain criteria. Generally, here are some things that the best Shopify page builder should offer you:

  • Pre-built templates: The best Shopify page builders should come with pre-built templates. This is important, especially for beginners, as it will help you create a website or landing page without the need for technical knowledge.
  • Features: Shopify landing pages need to have features that suit certain business needs. Therefore, the best app should allow you to create page sections, global styling options, and product pages.
  • Ease of use: The best Shopify page builders should include a drag-and-drop feature. It should also have useful editing features like revert and undo, the ability to copy, and smart saving as well.
  • Pricing: In many cases, you get what you pay for. However, a decent Shopify page builder should not be too expensive. The pricing should be based on the features and your usage.


It can be difficult to design an original store for your company. To have a successful eCommerce website, you must have it. You can be guaranteed to generate sales if you include elements like a captivating product page, a terrific about us page, and engaging landing pages. Using any of the top Shopify page builders is a terrific and simple way to accomplish this.

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