Step By Step Process to Integrate WordPress To Prestashop

Oct 2019

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PrestaShop literally comes with many pages but one major aspect missing in Prestashop is that PrestaShop plugins does not support blogs or articles as WordPress does. Hence the composite WordPress may be of great use over here. WordPress as of now is the most elaborate and applauded open-source Content Management System available here with significant number of sites using it from blogs to corporate sites.

Step By Step Process to Integrate WordPress To Prestashop

Why must you consider integrating a word press blog into Prestashop?

  1. To benefit from content marketing strategies as much as possible.
  2. To assist Prestashop in ranking effortlessly in Google and other search engines.
  3. To enhance indirect deals and avoid shopping cart desertion.
  4. Your user shall have the most convenient UX while shopping or upon exploring the blog in the shopping malls.

With just one tap of the mouse, wordpress blog framework can be pasted on the prestashop platform as though wordpress blog was simply an add-on. In this manner, you need to utilize WordPress as your CMS platform and prestashop to deal with your online store rather than having an e-commerce module.

Any particular application on the WordPress directory that Prestashop would like to relate to is that WordPress sits comfortably on a subroutine or subdomain with the ultimate goal being to add a blog to your store. Integrating your online Prestashop business with the WordPress blog is the motive behind the actions.
There are three options that you can take refuge of to get prestashop integration to WordPress.

WordPress PrestaShop Module:

This involves WordPress on the URL and PrestShop on a subdomain/folder which helps put the e-commerce store items on your blog and vice-versa your blog on to the e-commerce store.

Prestashop WordPress PlugIns:

Alternatively, Prestashop is installed on the primary folder and WordPress on a subdomain/folder. This module includes a choice of smart codes or widgets to WordPress in order to showcase the items on your blog. In summary, these platforms in couples sincerely know the items on offer when seeing the blog and avoids shopping cart desertion too by keeping the shopping cart in view of the clients to remind them of the unlooked cart.

WordPress and PrestaShop arranged independently:

Now, it is important to match the themes in the two platforms where on theme in WordPress will be the PHP function and the theme on PrestaShop will be by Smarty. Begin by downloading the recent variant of WordPress and then copy the folders into the webspace and name the folder blogging.

Once integrated, you can use interchangeably both the platforms and the user will never get wind of it but rather seem pleased with himself. After naming the folder separately and blogging, you will locate them on the website, either WordPress ( ext/blogging) or ( ext/estore) and you need to continue with installing both the platforms. You could follow the standing instructions given for successful implementation of both. Carry on in the same vein and load the same graphical images on the two platforms and the audience may not become wise to it. The audience will not be the wiser to such a change.

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