Top 10 Elements Of A Great Website

Mar 2016

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Being a business owner, the most important thing that matters to you is your business website. It is a medium to get more clients for your business which is your ultimate aim. Since your website is of utmost importance for your business, proper analysis should be done before creating it. There are certain factors which separates a great website from a good one. Listed below are ten most important elements which can make your website a great one.

Top 10 Elements of a Great Website

1. Easy Navigation

User-friendly navigation should be used to help your users while surfing your website. Easy accessibility should be there to facilitate users from one page to the other. Use a sitemap to facilitate both the user and search engines experience to get you higher ranking. You should strike the right cord by going for the interactive menu and not the annoying one.

2. Perfect Visual Design

You just have 1/10th of a second to impress your visitor when they visit your website. Nice graphics and proper visual representation could be used to draw and engage them. Use a visual design which will be appropriate and not too much. Use scrolling text, animation and flash intros only when required to emphasize on a point for maximum effect.

3. Relevant Content

Content is and will always be the king for your website. Your visitors will be glued to your website if you will give them fresh, unique and relevant information. The text on your website should be concise and easy to read to make it user-friendly in every aspect. Right content will make your website more engaging, popular and effective.

4. Be Web Friendly

Being web-friendly is the most important element of any website. Make sure that the developers take a note that your website runs smoothly on all major browsers. Proper implementation of SEO with all the tags and meta description is required to get a better ranking. Do not forget to incorporate all the necessary factors which will affect your website’s ranking and performance.

5. Maximum Interaction

Your website should be interactive and should hold the attention of your visitors. All the pages in your website should be highly engaging, influencing your visitors to contact you. Better interaction will lead to more conversion which is every site’s ultimate goal. You can go for maximum interaction but do not go for annoyance as it will work as customer’s repellent.

6. Provide Information Accessibility

Do not be under the delusion that your customers are having a lot of time for searching your contact information. Make sure that you have your contact information and details on your website main page so that your visitors can contact you. Easy accessibility of all the relevant information is the key to keep your visitors happy.

7. Focus on being Intuitive

You can win over your customers by providing them exactly what they are looking for. Create an intuitive website so that your visitors can get everything they need. Do not make your website unnecessarily complex and think about the feasibility of your customers. Creating the most relevant website for your visitors should be your aim as it will bring you more business.

8. Help Yourself in Branding

Your website should be a replica of your physical company, if any. You should make sure that it shows your brand logo and other important information. Your visitors should relate to your company by looking at your website. It will add to the credibility of your business. Customers wants to deal with a reliable company with all informations intact.

9 Fastest Turnaround Time

Your site speed is one of the main reason why your customers could switch to your competitors. The upload time of your website should be minimum to attract more visitors. Make sure that your website get loaded within few seconds. The longer your website will take to load itself, the more customers you will lose. Create a super fast website to get maximum business.

10. Top Conversion Ratio

Customers visiting your website is important but conversion is also equally important. You should integrate everything in your website which will make customers go for it. Try to increase your customer base by including all the latest advancements and technology. Include all the necessary tools which will help you in increasing the conversion ratio of your website.

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