What Is SSD VPS Hosting & How It Works

Jan 2014

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VPS (Virtual private server) hosting offers you a virtually separate portion of memory into server storage and super-user level control of system so you can control your own piece of OS and install & manage softwares in that as per your specific needs which makes it ideal for users in need of exclusive hardware space along with cost effective hosting.

However, due to use of hard disk drives and shared hardware, sometimes VPS servers tend to get slower (especially when other users on the same server are making heavy use of resources).

For websites with needs of consistently faster input/output processing and dynamic storage requirements (i.e. Continuously changing content) SSD VPS hosting is a preferred option without adding much of price to VPS hosting service.

What is SSD VPS hosting?

SSD VPS hosting is a step advancement over normal VPS hosting. The only big difference between VPS and SSD VPS hosting is type the of storage used by servers. SSD VPS servers implement SSDs as their storage media which works radically better than HDDs used in VPS.

So what is SSD?

Following is the image showing SSD drive .

What Is SSD VPS Hosting & How It Works

Image source – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Intel_X25-M_Solid-State_Drive.jpg

SSD, literally, is abbreviation of the term Solid State Disk. Solid state disks are made by assembling Integrated circuits, which together form a persistent memory storage. Unlike HDDs, SSDs don’t implement mechanical arm that moves and reads data from magnetic disk. That’s why SSDs are radically faster than hard disk drives and a better option to replace them. Having rigidly assembled structure, SSD drives are also resistant to shock and vibration & physically much stronger compared to HDDs.

Advantages of SSD VPS hosting.

  • Due to implementation of SSDs as their storage media, SSD VPS hosting offers quite faster server response i.e. significantly lower latency than normal VPS hosting. 
  • As data has not to be read by moving mechanism, SSDs have faster start-up time than HDDs 
  • With high-speed of reading/writing capabilities of Solid state storages, SSD VPS offers you faster data transfer rates. 
  • Due to light weight, structural durability and vibration-resistant structure, SSDs are much less prone to physical failures. This makes SSDs highy reliable in compare to HDDs.

So if you are running or going to run a website that depends highly upon data transfers rates and storage security, SSD VPS hosting is the option worth checking out.

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