Why is PHP Preferred in Development of Performance-Oriented Optimized Websites?

Oct 2018

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PHP, is a programming language designed specifically for its use on the Web, is the perfect tool you need so you can start creating dynamic web pages.

Why is PHP preferred in development of Performance-Oriented Optimized Websites

Before exploring and getting a little bit deeper into this subject we need to make a very important emphasis on what PHP really is, before start talking about oriented programming features!

They emphasize of its features that make web design and programming somewhat easier, perhaps because of that, PHP is used by more than 20 million domains and its popularity continues to grow bigger with the years to come, so it must fulfill its functions quite well.

PHP comes from this following concept, HyperText Preprocessor or Hypertext Processor. In its beginnings, when it was just developed by Rasmus Lerdorf, it was called Personal Home Page tools or tools for personal home pages, but when it became a full-fledged language, the name was changed to be more in tune with its extended functionality.

The syntax of the PHP language is quite similar to the C syntax, so if you have experience with C or C++, you will feel very comfortable with PHP. Actually, PHP is simpler than C, since it does not use some of the most difficult concepts of C. PHP also does not include the low-level C programming capabilities because PHP is designed to program websites and does not require such capabilities.

PHP, It is particularly strong in its ability to interact with databases. It supports almost all databases that you might have ever heard of, manages the connection and communication with the database, so you do not need to know technical details to connect to a database or exchange messages with it. Simply tell PHP the name of the database and its location and PHP will take care of the details regarding the database which you need to connect with. It will connect to the database, give you your instructions and return the response from the database.

For many web developers out there PHP and its object-oriented programming features is just a very scary subject, full of complicated syntax and other obstacles that many developers do not like to face despite simplicity.

One of the biggest benefits of NTR programming is that; If any part of the information changes in your program, usually only one change is required to update the code. One of the biggest nightmares for developers is the maintenance of code where the data is declared one after another, that is, any change to the program becomes an infinitely more frustrating game of Where is Waldo? while continuing to pursue data and duplicate functionality.

POO is intimidating to many developers because it introduces new syntax, and at first glance, it seems to be much more complex than simple procedural, or linear programming. However, looking more closely, the OOP is ultimately a simpler and simpler approach to programming.

The characteristics that propitiate to the Programming Oriented to Objects (OOP) under PHP, have been extensively reviewed and improved, more than anything hearing the needs that the developers claimed as fundamental. Objects by reference, abstract classes, interfaces, variables, and private and protected functions are just some of them, which will make our preferred language even more powerful and flexible than before.

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