Importance of Corporate Identity

Oct 2015

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Corporate Identity is an overall image of a company or business in the mind of customers, employees, investors or anyone associated with the business. In simple words it’s about how you want your brand or company to be perceived in the market. To survive in the world of cut-throat competition it’s important to have an identity of your own.


How is a person identified? What makes him unique from the rest of the crowd?

His Face.

Corporate Identity is all about giving face to your company so that it can be identified even amongst hundreds of companies. We live in a world which is rich in knowledge and deprived of time and it’s the visual images that comes handy. One of the way you can build a corporate identity is by having a custom logo designed for the company which will set it apart from the race. A logo which is unique, versatile and memorable will create a great impact.

But can only a logo create corporate identity?

Logo does have a great impact but to have an everlasting impact companies can also go for envelope design, brochure design, banner design, stationery design, letterhead design, taglines, marketing material design etc. These corporate identity designs create an everlasting impression and it will help people recall your brand.

Corporate Identity gives:

  1. Brand preference: People will choose your company product or services even when you have other companies offering the same.
  2. Helps in building unique identity: The visual cues help in creating an image for itself. People will understand how professional is the brand and what it offers.
  3. Business Enhancement and Loyalty: If you have a good brand identity people will prefer your brand and if they are offered what they had perceived from the visual designs they will stay loyal to your business.

Corporate identity designs help in branding of the company. Millions of dollars are invested by big companies in professional custom logo design and other designs for the survival in this competitive world. It’s a small business or a big one, it hardly matters, the only thing that matters is that it’s really important to have your own corporate identity.

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