13 Things That Won’t Happen In Good Websites

Jun 2017

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A good website is not only about visuals and aesthetics. There is so much more to the best websites that make them free and safe from the following things:

13 Things That Won't Happen in Good Websites

  • Poor Navigation

    Poorly designed navigation doesn’t consider user experience, focusing instead on the looks. It leads to a cluttered menu which makes navigation a hassle. A good site keeps the navigation menu easy and simple to understand.

  • Slow Loading Speed

    Good sites do away with the unnecessary bells and whistles which can considerably slow down your site. Although it looks great to have fancy animations and other eye candies, this comes at a cost.

  • Unreadable Content

    The best website makes sure that the content is not difficult to read. The biggest favor you can do your readers is by making all the text on your site readable.

  • Non-relevant Content

    Nothing is worst than ending up in a site loaded with non-relevant content. Veering off topic is a big no-no. While a personal touch and anecdotes don’t hurt, don’t stray from your main topic.

  • Cluttered Homepage

    Your homepage is the very first thing your visitors see. It must be used to impress them to urge them to linger and explore your site. Good sites have clean and uncluttered homepage that make readers feel more engaged.

  • Unfriendly Screen Resolution

    Good sites cater to most visitors. The real hallmark of a great site is a mobile responsive design. Good designers create site which fits most screens and compatible with all major browsers.

  • Automatic Playing of Music or Videos

    Yes, videos and music are great, but good sites know that it is never advisable to have these things playing automatically. Leave the choice up to your visitors because for all you know, this loud audio will make them navigate away from your site.

  • Giant Blocks of Text

    Your website is a website, not a novel. Readers will never feel inclined to stay in your side if you will bombard them with long block paragraphs.

  • No Call to Action

    Effective calls to action are very important parts of all websites. Nothing can make a website worse than failing to guide users to contact you or make a quick purchase. This is like a door with no handle, completely pointless.

  • Large Empty Spaces

    What’s the point of having a website if you don’t use the spaces wisely? Huge empty spaces are never good to the eyes, especially when you could have used it to engage your visitors further to linger on your site.

  • Excessive Badges

    Badges are often hard to style, not to mention that they might not go well with the overall website design. A good website knows when to use these badges and when it is best to just discard them.

  • Ads Galore

    Unless advertising is their revenue stream, good websites don’t put banner ads and other similar forms of promotions. They know that the site is meant to give information to readers through valuable content.

  • Popup Windows

    Finally, a good website understands how popup windows can be a complete pain for users. These can be infuriating and distracting so they choose to do away with these things.

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