5 SEO Trends To Focus For The E-commerce Website

Feb 2018

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical for E-Commerce sites. Every business online will need brand awareness and drive traffic to their website. SEO for ecommerce is different in various aspects like sales, marketing, on page optimization aspects etc. With ever evolving SEO and new technologies and best practices it is important to keep updated and ahead of the competition.

2018 will be upcoming with lot of SEO updates and to stay ahead of the competition. Ecommerce business sales are driven by SEO for the most part. It is thus essential to set up your ecommerce site in a proper form and have clear SEO strategies.

5 SEO trends to focus for the ecommerce website

We have listed out five SEO trends that will help the ecommerce website gain traffic and fulfill business goals in 2018.

  • Customer Centric Website Design: An Ecommerce store is a shop for every owner. For every customer that visits the ecommerce store the experience is one of the most important factors for a sale to take place. When a design is based on user friendliness and gives easy access to the customer through all the features of the website, it adds a value to the ecommerce website. Products searches category should be specific and have descriptions and the website must have helpful tips and guidance to choose the correct product with specifications.
  • Social Media Platforms: The past few years have seen social media being a major forefront for all sellers. Ecommerce industry has evolved due to its increased presence on social media platforms and have been flourishing since then. Every ecommerce business needs to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pinterest, Snapchat and many others to market themselves online and reach maximum number of people. However it needs to be done in a very strategic manner and requires to be aimed at the right target audience to have maximum impact. The SEO for any ecommerce site is incomplete and ineffective without social media sharing. Every ecommerce business will require customer engagement with the brand and increased social interactions mean more visibility for the ecommerce business.
  • Video Content: Video content sharing will rule SEO in 2018. Video content have had the most impact and will continue to have a major effect in terms of content marketing. It is essential to create videos with quality content and have a reach to the target market. Thus, make sure that the videos are easy to understand and make the message understood by every viewer. Both small and big companies should make use of video content sharing as it has now the most comprehensive reach all over the world. Ecommerce business will have the most advantage to project their products in video content.
  • Mobile Optimization: Mobile users are increasing every minute and thus ecommerce businesses will have to make their websites mobile optimized. This will be the most important SEO initiative in 2018. Majority of the internet users now access information, shop online and gather data through mobile phones. Thus an ecommerce business will have to make sure that all the website is optimized with proper responsive designs. Mobile optimization requires best possible content with the functionality for mobile users to access this content and make shopping experience extremely easy for the customers.
  • Reviews: Customer reviews will play a major role in SEO in 2018. Customer reviews have a major impact on potential sales and increase the traffic organically. It is advised for ecommerce businesses to gather customer reviews as they are the most genuine and create an impression on the potential customers. They can also increase potential traffic and your customers will get engaged which will eventually help the business.

In 2018, Search Engine Optimization will be all about creating a good experience for the customers and get the website on the top of the search engine page results and use all the SEO strategies on page and off page for the benefit of the ecommerce business. SEO will be game changing for a ecommerce industry in 2018.

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