8 Tips For Professional Brochure Design

Mar 2014

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Having a good looking brochure design sometimes can’t be enough alone to impress your client’s customers. In most of cases, you will also need few other essential things that makes your brochure design stand out. Here are few most essential tactics to make your brochure design more appealing & to get your client more satisfied!

8 Tips For Professional Brochure Design

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Know the goals before you start designing

Before you start designing brochure for your client, first define the purpose what it is going to fulfill. Ask your client why he/she wants a new brochure design. Is that a revamp of the older one or a complete newer one? Once you have the clear idea of the goal, you can start designing that brochure for your client.

Apart from client’s business goals, also identify the audience. This matters a lot. For example, if your company is targeting youth, catchy fonts, bold layouts and modern design will be more favorable while if you are designing for older persons, neat and clean designs that doesn’t hurt their eyes will be more preferred by readers.


Prepare a compelling copy for brochure

As you know the goals of your client, now you have to create some magical words to fit onto your brochure design. It is always better to hire professional copywriter, but if you don’t want it, just make sure you highlight all the features and remove every distraction out from your copy.
– Keep headlines shorter
– Avoid overuse of capitalization
– Write your copy clear and concise
– Use paragraphs and bullets to format the text &
– Define Unique Selling Proposition of your product and highlight it on a separate page.


Make your first page most appealing

Just similar to the headline in an article, the first page of your brochure design is highly responsible for engaging user. So make sure your cover is appealing enough to prompt your user to pick it up in the first place. Design your cover page for creating a good first impression. If possible, use an eye catching graphic and a simple short title to grab the users’ attention.


Use white space for professional brochure design

Just like all other forms of graphic designs, brochure designs can also be wisely manipulated by using white space in it. Remember that brochure is an advertising copy that is intended to be read by user. More white space will give your brochure a look of concise copy which will prompt your user to read it. Usually longer copies are unlikely to be read by users. So design your brochure in such a way that it contains more white space instead of crowded text.


Limit the use of fonts

However many designers prefer to use multiple different fonts to grab users’ attention, the best advice for professional looking brochure design is to use no more than three fonts in your design. It will make it look more professional and readable. However, also make sure that headlines are easily distinguished in your brochure design.


Incorporate pleasing images

Rather than stereoscopic and flamboyant images, sometimes plain & bright images may work well. Especially when you are using stock images in your brochure design, remember, your image should not be looking copied one. Instead, try unique images that match to your product & your company theme.


Choose your print paper wisely

However, this one is not sufficiently relevant to design of your brochure. Paper material used for brochure matters a lot for user experience. Know in advance what kind of feel you want in your brochure. Either you want to keep it glossy or matte finished. Either you want to keep it thick or thin. Also determine how long you want it to last & select your paper thickness and material based upon overall aesthetics you want. You can also read this comprehensive guide to choosing the right paper.


Make your copy easily readable

Having just right kind of copy is not enough for any brochure design. The true all around designer will make the copy even more readable by designing it such the way that it becomes easily skimmable. Remember that your brochure is more a piece of advertisement than the piece of design.

To make your brochure easily readable, follow these tips:
– Format headlines hierarchically i.e. keep headlines’ size as per their importance
– Highlight the most important sentences
– Keep enough space between different paragraphs
– Avoid text over images. It makes it less readable & if necessary add other design elements that separate the fonts from background
– Set a good balance between colors and contrast to make it an easy read
– At end of each section, provide identifiable call to action on what to do next &
– Use simple readable words rather than complex ones.


All in all, ask following questions about your brochure design to know what it needs to be changed:
-Who are your target customers?
-What is your brochure’s goal?
-Is it skimmable in just 15 seconds?
-Does it clarify what to do next?
-Is their enough white space?
-Is it intriguing enough for readers? &
-Are images few and effective?

Decide whether it fulfills overall goal of your promotion & sales effort and if it does not, then conceptualize a revamped design using rough handmade sketches & start redesigning it again! Or simply hire the designers with right knowledge & experience.

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