8 Tips For Writing An Amazing SEO-Friendly Blog Post

Jul 2016

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Writing blog is a skill which is required for coming up with engaging and interesting content. Writing appealing text will attract more readers, making your blog a bit hit on the internet. By providing headings, subheadings and clear cut paragraphs, the readers can grasp the main idea of your blog. With the advent of social media, your blog will be shared, liked and tweeted. This social interaction will increase the ranking of the page. So, everything boils down to one point that by improving your writing skills, you can increase your Google ranking.

8 Tips For Writing An Amazing SEO-friendly Blog Post

Time has changed and so has the dynamics of the readers. Today, you have to write content which is both interesting and SEO-friendly. Engaging content will attract readers and SEO-friendly content will attract web crawlers. If search engine bots will love to crawl your site, your blog will surely get a better rank in SERPs. Listed below are some of the points that should be considered for writing a blog post which is SEO-friendly.

1. Proper planning before writing

Before you start your blog, proper detailing has to be done both on paper and in mind. Make sure you are targeting the right audience and your message is conveyed properly. Give something to your readers which will keep them engaged till the end to take actions.

2. Write down the structure of your blog post

Give properly structured content to your readers. Make proper paragraphs which make sense. All the paragraphs should have a subject associated with the main idea. Start with a strong introduction, give a detailed body and finish it with an actionable conclusion.

3. Use relevant & meaningful headings

The readers will go ahead with the content only if the heading excites them. Write catchy and relevant headings which will attract readers to read the content. Use subheadings also to guide your readers throughout the content with proper use of keywords.

4. Use effective signal words

Proper usage of signal words will help your readers to scan throughout your text. Introductory signal words like ‘first of all’, ‘secondly’, etc will give indication to your readers. Signal words are very important for proper structuring of your content.

5. Get other’s opinion

Since it is your blog, there is every possibility that you will not find many flaws, it it is there. Ask your friend/colleague to read it and give suggestions. The reader should get the main idea and there should not be any typos and grammatical errors.

6. Length of content

There is no rule for the length of your blog but too long or too short will not serve the purpose. A blog of less than 300 words will not influence your readers, similarly a blog of 800 words will scare your readers. It is best to write somewhere between 500-700 words.

7. Link structure (Both internal & external)

Link building can give your blog the readership it is craving for. Google considers link building as a factor for ranking. If you have written something related to the current topic in the past, give link for the same. Your readers might read these articles as well and boost your ranking.

8. Post it regularly

Not adding content regularly will not boost your ranking. You will have to add relevant and informative content at regular interval to gain traffic. Your readers will return to your website for getting useful information, thus, maximizing your visitors.

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