Busting 5 Common Myths About Graphic Design

Jul 2016

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Visual about your products and services can be more appealing than text. Graphic design is a strong and effective medium of communication with your audience. The role of a graphic designer is to translate messages into meaningful images. The better would be his translation, better graphic designer he would be. If you want to communicate your message to your customers in a more effective and efficient manner, graphic design can be your bet.

Busting 5 Common Myths about Graphic Design

Though the role of graphic design and graphic designers is crucial, there is a lot of misunderstanding related to it. Some of the most common myths regarding graphic design have been busted below.

1. Graphic designer job is easy

The most common myth about graphic design is the fact that it is believed to be an easy job. Most of the people have the feeling that it is as easy as a pie. Simply knowing about Adobe Photoshop will not qualify you as a graphic designer. You need special training, experience and talent to become a professional graphic designer. To become a full-fledged graphic designer, you will have to be well informed about the design industry and cultural trends through proper research.

2. Graphic designers have superpowers

Graphic designers are not psychics who can read the mind of the clients. Graphic designers are normal human beings without any superpowers. Being the customer, you will have to give details about the needs and requirements of your business. Graphic designers will listen to your expectations and try to convert your ideas into graphics. Make sure to give clear descriptions about the work to be done so that your graphic designer can give you the best design.

3. Graphic designers have to be creative since birth

While there are graphic designers who are creative by nature, most of them have developed this talent with proper learning. There is no need to be creative since birth if you want to become a graphic designer. The skills and knowledge can be gained through proper exposure and working in the ideal environment. You can make a mark for yourself in the market by putting your heart and soul into learning various skills and tips about graphic design.

4. Graphic designers are paid cheaply

Since for most of the people graphic design is an easy job, they believe that graphic designer should be paid cheaply. For them paying hefty money to graphic designers is not justified because they simply put images here and there. Graphic design is as much tougher as any other job you know, it takes a lot of creativity to come up with something meaningful and appealing. Graphic designers are professional and deserve all the due respect and money like other professionals.

5. Graphic designers can be copywriters too

There is absolutely no connection between designing and writing. They are totally different disciplines and should never be mixed. The graphic designer is responsible for making the graphics and not filling them with text. It is the responsibility of the client to provide the text to the graphic designer. The client can either write the content himself or he can hire a professional content writer. Graphic designer must not be held liable for copywriting or proofreading services.

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