5 Mobile Web Design Trends To Follow In 2016

Jul 2016

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The web design and development industry is changing at a fast pace with newer technological advancements. You have to keep yourself updated to match your competitors and create an image in the mind of the customers. During the last few years, the number of mobile users have increased manifold, making it even more important to cater to the needs of mobile users. Every business today, be it small or big understands the importance of mobile-friendly website. You have to grab the attention of the visitors through advanced web development skills.

5 Mobile Web Design Trends To Follow In 2016

Providing the best user-experience to your mobile users require proper planning and implementation. A strategic approach is a must for bringing maximum visitors to your mobile website. As said earlier, the design and development in the mobile website has undergone a phenomenal change. Some of the trends which are expected to be followed in 2016 while designing the mobile website for your business are given below. These details will help you to build the most user-friendly mobile site for your business. You need to revive your designing and development process by integrating the new trends to deliver the best experience for maximum conversions.

1) Keep it Simple

Keeping the design simple will make it a hit among your visitors. The visitors prefer simple and easy to navigate design over complex design. You should provide a login link, smooth navigation options, etc to impress the audience. Make sure that you provide the scaled down options as the visitors are more likely to access the things which are more prominent.

2) Proper Use of White Space

The white space on the mobile site is very important as it is one of the deciding factor in mobile website design. When it comes to mobile website design, the usage of white space becomes even more important as the size of the screen decreases considerably. You can improve the usability of your website through whitespace without putting in extra efforts.

3) Avoid Excessive Images

There is no doubt that only text can be boring but only images will not help you either. You must understand that your job is to make your site more appealing and engaging but not at the cost of design. Using too many images will ruin the look of your site along with increased upload time. Selective images which clearly state your business perspective must be used.

4) Go for Sub-Domains

There is no need to opt for separate domain for your mobile site as it costs you more money and time. Instead of separate domain, go for sub-domains which will be beneficial in the long run. Going for a sub-domain will help you in keeping everything on a single domain. This will save much of your time and money along with minimizing the risk of data loss.

5) Clear & Concise Content

Since the space is limited on a mobile screen, the content to be used should be absolutely clear and concise. The content showcased on the display of the mobile has to be of high priority which will attract the visitors. Relevant and engaging content is the key to convince the audience. If you will provide the visitors what they are looking for, they will visit your site regularly.

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