The Evolution Of Web Design During The Last 10 years

May 2016

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The world is changing and so is the various aspects associated with it. New technology has evolved the way things are looked at. Websites have become the backbone of every business and to stay ahead the website designers keep on upgrading their knowledge and skills. The web trends and technologies is changing with each passing day urging the web designers to be on their toe to catch up with it. Keeping in tune with the technology is itself a daunting task as it changes frequently, requiring a lot of dedication from your end to keep up with it.

The Evolution of Web Design during the last 10 years

There has been a drastic change in the web design trends during the last 10 years. There are many factors which have collectively contributed to the change how web design is looked at now. Every change that occurs bring some positive result and it has happened with web design as well. The technological advancements, latest hardware and the increase in the internet users have contributed significantly. The best part of this change is the better results which the people are getting. The cost of designing a website for your business has came down considerably. This is probably the best time for launching your website and reap the rewards of online presence.

Change in Technology

The technology has taken a complete 360 degree turn from where it has started to where it has reached. It is much easier now for businesses to set up an online business with the help of a website. The cost of hardware and software has came down significantly during the last 10 years which has made it possible to create a website at a lesser cost. Introduction of various open source software packages such as WordPress and Magento has resulted in less priced website. The web designers can design the websites now at a fraction of cost what it used to be 10 years ago. These open source platforms have given the web designers the freedom of not designing the website from a scratch. There are various components available freely in the market which can serve the majority of the website requirements. You can now save your time for design and integration as against the complex programming programs 10 years ago.

Change in Design

The designing aspects of website has also changed as the devices through which internet is accessed has also changed. The number of people using smartphones to visit your website has increased many a times. Smartphones were not even released before 10 years so the websites were designed mostly for the desktops. Responsive design is a must these days since the mobile access to website has overtaken desktops and laptops. These days websites are designed in such a way that it can run on any device. The designing trends have also evolved, flash which was used in the earlier websites has become a past now. Visitors want to get information easily and quickly now which has resulted in the introduction of magazine style websites. Web designers these days are avoiding the use of adobe flash as it is not supported on some of the smartphones and tablets. You should ensure that you are making the information available to your visitors at just one click.

Change in Internet

Internet has undergone a drastic change during the last 10 years. The speed has shooted up but the cost of internet usage has gone down. Faster internet has changed the way visitors look at videos on your website. The use of video and other large imagery has become common these days as they can engage the visitors in a better way. The number of internet users has increased considerably during the last 10 years. The new technology and advancements in the field of the internet has influenced the web design in a big way.

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