Top 10 Reasons To Opt Drupal For Your E-commerce Website

Jan 2016

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Since you have decided to take a plunge in the e-commerce industry, you need to choose your CMS wisely as it is the platform on which your online store will thrive. If you want to have an edge over your competitors, you should choose nothing but the best. Since there are various free CMS available on for internet, you have to be careful while selecting one for your business website. Drupal is one such CMS which is robust and fully customizable to give you the best online store. It provides the best e-commerce website experience to your visitors. Listed below are 10 top reasons why Drupal has an edge over other CMS.

Top 10 Reasons To Opt Drupal For Your E-commerce Website

Flexible Payment Modes Available

The one thing which makes most of the online shoppers cautious is the payment for their shopping. You should provide flexible payment options to cater to different needs of the customers. Thanks to Drupal, you can provide the customers with everything they need in a professional online store. Let them choose payment modes freely and easily through the various payment gateways on your site.

Option To Set Versatile Price Slabs

Your customer base will not be limited to a particular country, design an E-commerce website which will cater to the needs of customers all over the globe. Drupal helps you tap customers worldwide by designing a different price policy for different customers. You can set sundry price slabs depending on the location, packing and item weight.

Product Description

You should highlight your most popular and distinct product in the most exclusive way. You can easily highlight your most distinct product with Drupal to get the better insights of customers about your products online. This will help you uplift the service quotient enabling you to present your products in the most professional manner.

Security is Unbreachable

Drupal helps you to design the most secured pages which will make your e-commerce more protected. If you have installed SSL certification on your website then securing your online store will be very easy for you. Drupal helps in enhancing the functionality of your website depending on the module that you are using for your website.

Easy To Control various Analytics

Managing and controlling the entire e-commerce website will be very easy with Drupal. It provides single system making it easier to control SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and website analytics. You can manage and control your website with much ease and comfort. With such easy backend control, your online store will never trouble you as far as managing it is concerned.

Community Feature to help

The huge community which supports this CMS helps you to manage and run your online store effectively. Even your customers can manage some of the features and make them more user-friendly. Through various community and forums available you can add maximum customers in your loop without any creating any hassle for your valued customers.

External Systems Integration

With Drupal, you can extend your functionality by integrating RESTful API to your platform if you require it for better functioning of your online store. With this unique feature, you can give your users every reason to visit you again. Also with feeds module feature you can import content from other systems without facing any problem.

Management Tools

Various order management tools which comes integrated with Drupal allows you to manage, update and view all the orders that has been placed on your e-commerce website. Tracking order and controlling any discrepancy will help you build the trust of your customers. With Drupal you can also send update notifications from your website.

No Need to Spend Anything
The best part about Drupal is its professionalism offered at no cost. There is no concept of premium plugins for which you need to shell out extra as in case of WordPress and Magento. Since it comes free does not mean Drupal is less worthy in any way, infact it is better in more than many ways from other CMS present in the market. You can get the best without paying anything.


The WYSIWYG editorial manager will give you many reasons to add it to your website. This one-of-its kind manager powered by Drupal will help you in managing your site easily. You can represent all your e-commerce payment settings and contacts. You just have to change the settings according to your business requirements and you will be ready to use it.

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