What Features Of Your WordPress Website Will Attract A User In 2018?

Jan 2018

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A wordpress website is the most preferred platform nowadays for building a website. However, with the changing trends it is essential to incorporate the new features in your website. In the coming year, make sure that you add some of the below listed features to your website to keep up with the increasing expectations, demands of customers and high level competition.

What Features Of Your WordPress Website Will attract a User In 2018?

  • Progressive Web Applications: Web applications will be giving a tough competition to Mobile Applications in 2018. Web applications may not have been in the industry for a long time but they are well accepted due to their level of simplicity and interaction. Due to the awesome user experience, there is a lot more anticipated from Progressive Web Applications.
  • Push Notifications for Websites: Keep your users notified of latest blogs, events and stories happening with Push notifications. The regular blog readers would like to be notified whenever you post a new blog. So, introduce push notification in your WordPress website which will also improve engagement with your audience.
  • WordPress 5.0: WordPress 5.0 is expected to release sometime in 2018. Some big changes are expected with the update which will ultimately result in improved user experience.
  • Better UX with microinteractions: Microinteractions is all about adding small interactions to elements of a website to improve the user experience. You must have seen those little check marks that pop up and animates after you click on submit buttons are all microinteraction designs. They are really interactive for your users and helps them keep engaged with the website.
  • More VR based WordPress products: Virtual Reality based WordPress themes and Plugins are the future. It is a relatively new technology for WordPress and will evolve with time and has a lot of benefits. WordPress already fully support VR devices such as Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift. However, we are yet to see a feature-packed VR theme for WordPress. Hopefully, 2018 will be the year we finally get to see a WordPress theme that comes with built-in features for VR gadgets. Until then, you can try optimizing your websites for VR using plugins.
  • Drag and drop Builder for Themes: WordPress provides a lot of free and basic layout themes. Even the customizable themes are available for a fee and they are worth every penny. Since WordPress prides itself on being user-friendly, you can get very different prices for many premium themes depending upon the easiness and popularity theme has in the market.

So we can see that 2018 is looking very promising for WordPress sites as new features will improve user experience. WordPress being an ever updating platform, makes it most preferred medium.

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