Elements Of A Strong Corporate Identity

Oct 2015

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Corporate identity is about creating an identity for a company which is unique and helps you differentiate from other companies. A company will want to have a strong corporate identity as it will give brand preference, brand enhancement, customer loyalty and most importantly; a unique identity for itself.

Elements of a Strong Corporate Identity

There are three important components which create a strong corporate identity:

  1. Visual Images: What’s the first thing that you remember when you think about a brand? It’s definitely the logo of the brand. This is the main element which creates a strong identity of the brand. Along with the logo design of your company there are elements like brochures, envelopes, letterheads, website and other marketing and stationery materials which helps the company get a unique and a precise identity. Right brand colours and fonts helps in communicating the right message.
  2. Perception: How the brand is presented in the market in written and visual communication is important because that’s how the audience will start perceiving the brand. The way the business is conducted and the environment that it creates also helps in building the brand and attract more customers. Most importantly, it’s important to live upto the expectations you present through your communication.
  3. Experience with the brand: The experience of the people associated with your brand is important. If you have presented a brand which created huge expectation, it then becomes equally important to fulfill it. Everything depends upon how well you engage the customer.

Some of the core elements which helps in creating strong corporate identity:

Logo: The face of the brand through which every brand gets identified. So it’s advisable to have a custom logo design which is professionally designed.

Brand Name and Slogan: Brand name is the trademark of the company and should be chosen carefully and slogan is a short sentence or a phrase which will help in reinforcing the logo or the brand name. It needs to be catchy to have an instant impression on the audience.

Brand Colours: What colours you chose for the logo design or the website design or any stationery design will have a huge impact on your identity. Colours gives a psychological impression and needs to be chosen as per the message a company wants to communicate.

Typeface or fonts: A set of one or more fonts which has the same design pattern is a typeface and enthralling brands use the same typeface on all their designs to get the recognition.

Packaging: How the brand is presented is how the brand will be perceived. Hence it’s important to creatively package your brand. A good package design is most probable to attract more customers.

Corporate Tone: Every customer will want to associate with a brand which communicates professionalism. Whether it’s an advertising, logo design, letterhead design, envelope design or any form of visual and written communication, it should speak professionalism as they have a huge impact on the audience.

All these elements are inter-related and helps in creating a strong corporate identity. Your brand is all about who you are, what you offer and how you make people feel. A strong corporate identity is important for the future growth of the company and its time you have an identity for your business too.

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